Sunday, November 11, 2007


Brian napping amongst sleeping kitties and laundry. =0)
Brian's cough went away and turned into an ear infection this morning. Poor baby. He woke me up early, so I got him settled with some medicine. I think this is only his 3rd ear infection ever...unbelievable!

So, prayers needed for my little one.

Today is a quiet day. I took the big boys to church while M stayed home and made omelets for the little prince. We've all napped on and off, though Lord of the Rings is now playing in the family room. Alex went to watch a basketball game at the high school and Matthew is celebrating the end of marching band season in the horizontal position. =0)

Supper tonight is manicotti and I am just about to go out and make some focaccia, too. It does need an hour to rise, so I should get to it. For the carnivores in this house (uh, that would be everyone but me) I will throw some italian sausage alongside. Either that or there'll be talk of eating my cats, who I like again. Today. Check with me tomorrow on that one!

Last night was a dinner party at some friends from the college. He's a VP in charge of everything, so the champagne and stories were flowing all night. It felt so good to be out and about, though my body is now tired. Good tired. Normal tired. I am thankful!

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