Wednesday, November 21, 2007

There's a...

...hole in the wall, dear Liza?

Not anymore!

And yes, the paint color is slightly off. We have like a zillion shades of yellow on the paint shelf and I just picked one. Ah well, it will get us through Thanksgiving and I'll repaint it later. This is actually the wall that if we ever do the remodel, will come down and be a staircase upstairs.

Keywords...if. we. ever. do. the. remodel.

Don't hold your breath.

Though when the hole in the wall occurred, M looked at me and suggested that maybe we just remove the wall instead of fixing it.

It's a good thing there was a good show on the TV that night.


Last night, needing a snack and still reeling from the Bachelor finale, Brian and I made dessert. I stirred, he licked the bowl.


Chocolate souffles in a coffee cup...YUM!

The house is clean and the backyard is done. Tonight will be a bit crazy...Michael and Matthew are playing for church, so they need to be in Long Beach by 6pm. They'll be on the road at 4pm in order to beat traffic and will grab supper up there. The younger boys and I will leave a little bit after them and head for Huntington Beach and some auto parts store. Matthew's car needs a new clutch and I have to pick up the parts (all $70.00 of them, can you believe it????!!!What a blessing!) and deliver them by 6pm to the auto class. We'll then grab food and make church at 7pm.

On the way home, one of our cars will run by Nick's and pick up a pizza and we'll eat that when we get home. With a little champagne.

It's a holiday, after all.


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