Monday, October 8, 2007


While working in the garden this morning, this bird flew over my head and landed on the fence. It then watched me weed the pumpkin patch, pick eggplant, and water...all while I talked to it.

Anything for a friend.


It's been pretty warm here...not hot, but warm. The Santa Ana's blew in yesterday, so it is really dry. It's fire season and the lack of rain worries me.

This weekend we kept pretty busy. M and I went to Michael Burkhardt's organ recital on Friday night. It was held in the little chapel on the hill at the college and it was a beautiful evening. The music was incredible, as always, and it was nice to be sitting next to my husband during a concert. Kinda like a date, even. We stayed quite a while's always fun to talk with everyone.

Saturday morning, M had a big rehearsal and Brian had a soccer game. Matthew had a lesson and then a band competition out of town, Alex had a group over to watch football, and Brian and I went to the pool.

Sunday...back to back basketball games for Alex, a study group for Matthew and then we all went to the HymnFest on campus.
Beautiful. Moving. Uplifting.


I came home and made a pot of gravy (spaghetti sauce) and meatballs, and by 7pm had fed the boys and was in my jammies. M needed to take some people out for dinner and he called and begged (yes, begged!) me to go, so I joined them for a quick cocktail and then came home. We are hooked on this PBS show called The War, and I am not even sure when it is on because we tape it, but it is really well done. So, back in my jammies for that.

In honor of Columbus day, we will eat pasta once again. We actually visited his house in Genova a few years back. Speaking of Genova...when reading train signs in Europe, it is important to remember that Genova and Geneva are two entirely different cities in two entirely different countries, and if you accidentally go to the WRONG one, your husband just might not feel like talking to you for a day or two on your vacation. It will NOT help the situation if you cannot stop laughing about the fact that you are now in the wrong country and your hotel reservation is in the other country. It probably would have helped if the detour had landed us in the country of vino rosso rather than the land of chocolate, which the boys and I did appreciate. Ah all worked out fine. If it hadn't happened, we never would have ended up (the next day!) in Celle Ligure, a quaint little town of no people and really great food.

I am thinking he will at least smile about it at some point in his lifetime. Maybe tonight, as we toast Columbus...


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  1. So you went out for drinks in your jammies? You So Cal people are really laid back!

    When going to Charlotte make sure you know if it is the one in North Carolina or the one in South Carolina you want!


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