Monday, October 29, 2007


After allowing me to wallow last night, my get out of jail free card arrived this morning.

My girlfriends showed up and took me to breakfast.

And basically told me to rest up for another few weeks and stop complaining.


They were right. Just to let you know, I am doing great. And I have really great friends.

So this morning, I had an hour out of jail, I mean the house. I had a lovely panini at Corner Bakery and a hot cup of tea...and really fun conversation, and a few too many laughs...if there is such a thing! And now? I'm beat! But so, so happy...

The rest of today is pretty simple. Sports were cancelled yet again, so everyone will be home after school. M has chorale tonight, but when he gets home it's Bachelor time. Poor guy. I am actually cooking tonight...just chicken, sausage, potatoes and peppers, all roasted in the oven with a little rosemary. I already threw together foccacia dough, so that'll be baked off later. Simple! It felt good to be back in my kitchen.

Off to the couch for a movie!

1 comment:

  1. Rachel loves your kitty cat photo.

    (From the mean mom who won't allow fur pets in the house.)


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