Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Family Dinner

While picking some thyme this morning, I almost stuck my hand into this. Ewww...I've been feeling him crawling on me all day long. Another blessing of a mostly male house is that there is usually someone around to help in these situations!
And tonight?

Sophie and Alex

Sophia Michele with her grown-up haircut. Aunt Joanna and Brian

Happy birthday, Uncle Greg!
Playing games

As for Logan? While everyone was playing wii...he was playing in the wee-wee.
(ok...that joke came from Greg, but it's true!)
Today was packed full. I met up with a girlfriend and had a pedicure, so at least my toes are ready! Grocery shopped, laundry, cleaned, drove kids, and threw together supper and a birthday cake before G & J got here. It's been awhile...the kids are getting so big! It was nice to sit back and just catch up, and the kids had a fun time together. I've missed them!

It's late and I am off to's another busy day tomorrow!

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