Wednesday, October 24, 2007


Last night Maggie and Mollie's birth parents came and brought us dinner. I will forever love them for giving us these kitties, and while Michael may not have those same warm fuzzy feelings towards them, I do.

Especially since he had to chase cats off the top of the armour this morning.


No worries. He secretly loves the kitties, too.

Really, he does.


Anyway, last night our neighbors brought supper...the most amazing pasta, bread, salad and homemade ranch dressing ever, ever, ever. I think my boys are enjoying this 'mom's not cooking' thing. I know I am! Everything always tastes better when somebody else makes it, you know?

The pasta was so yummy that I just had a little bowl for go with the tea my girlfriend brought over. YUM.

Back to last night. As food was getting dropped off, one of M's students showed up with bags of groceries. Thanks, are awesome!

And a little while later? Alison and her gf showed up with a home cooked meal for us. Home cooked, with the help of her mom. Unbelievable. And I am dying to eat it...Waikiki Chicken and Rice...I snuck a bite and it is sooo good!
I am so touched. You have to understand...these are students. College students. At a very expensive private college. Who have NO MONEY. And out of the kindness of their hearts, brought us food. We were able to talk Brad into staying for supper and it was fun to have a full table...of people and food. Last night I kept thinking what an amazing place God has brought us to and how blessed we are. I am so thankful....
M has to work all day today, so I am on my own. He called as he was driving away and told me to glance out at the red I snuck out and took a few pictures. It is cold outside today, almost eerily so, still 'ashy', but no wind to speak of. The house'll have to stay closed up again. I did venture into the backyard and it is a mess. Broken pots (my beautiful little pots from Italy...sniff) and glass everywhere, plus it is all covered in ash. All the potted plants are dead...they look burnt to a crisp. It's all easily fixed...I am so sad for all those that have lost their homes.Ash on the punkins on the front porch, and below...trouble. A big 'ole wasps nests on the window box. So today, I am staying put. Brian is going to a friends house again after school, Matthew is home tonight, and Alex is out at noon today. He's going to come home and have lunch with me and then is itching to play some basketball. There have been no sports all week, and today they have been cancelled again, but I think I'll give him a short time outside. I overdid yesterday and am feeling it today, so I am vegging. On my counter is a HUGE crock pot full of chicken and veggies that my neighbor brought over this morning and plugged in. My neighbor with 3 kids, a full time job AND a new puppy made us dinner.

Have I talked about my neighborhood lately?



  1. MAN your neighbor is so much better than I am. =0)

  2. I am proud to say I don't own a crock pot! Some kids (who will remain nameless) will just pick and say yuck. Then they will suggest a "dinner" at Boardwalk Bobs - which means Italian Ice. Yum....


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