Tuesday, October 30, 2007


Here's Mollie! (OK...I really need to get a life!) They love laying in my bathroom window and one of them is usually there. We have our very own Halloween kitty!

And here's Sheila! She arrived in the nick of time...I had just finished watching both Mr and Mrs Smith and Under the Tuscan Sun, and what a better way to end a morning of sappy movies than to eat french fries! We ate, talked, walked, and stalked...ate Carl's Jr, talked about everything, walked to the grassy hill, and stalked our neighbor Alba. We were peering in her windows trying to get a look at her new kitchen, but the curtains were closed...oh well. I'm walking back tonight!

Lunch was perfect, Mary Poppins! Thank you!=0)Yesterday, I overdid it, but oh well. I had a great talk with my Aunt Paula in the afternoon...I sure do miss her! It's time for a visit! We are still on hold for Europe in May...it's already November (almost) and no word yet. I'm itching to go (heck, I am itching to leave my street right now!) and take the boys back one last time with Matthew in tow. He'll be gone again next summer, but will wind up in Indianapolis in August, so it would be fun to watch him perform and squeeze in Chicago as well.

Decisions, decisions!

And will my kitties be OK if we go away? =0)

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  1. You talked with the old people (it's what we call them)? It's their ***49th*** anniversary on Thursday, so send them a note. Next year is the big 50. How do they have a child SOOOOOO young (that's me)?

    Rachel likes your cats. I like the saying "So many cats, so few recipes." I better run!


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