Friday, October 5, 2007

Ugly Bug

They say that your house is only as happy as your unhappiest child. How true that is! Alex came home in the loveliest of lovely moods, most likely caused by the fact that he refuses to eat at school. Even after devouring a bowl of cereal, a pumpkin bagel with cream cheese, a peanut butter and honey sandwich with a tall (multiple!) glass (es) of milk, his disposition was just a bit off.

And I, of course, was closest.

Gotta love being a mom.

As we are heading out to drive to practice, he was, shall I say...vocal about his displeasure over something. I am not quite sure what, but he was vocal.


The car gets loaded with boys and all of a sudden, I hear screaming from the back seat.


Fortunately, we were at a stop sign on the loop. Boys are tumbling out of the car and yelling,"bug!"

Boys = Brave, right?

Not so much.

It was an ugly bug, that's for sure.

I could not stop laughing...they were so funny. I told Alex to pick up the book that was in the back seat and shoo it out. He looked at me and said, "It's the Bible! I can't use the Bible!"

I'm pretty sure God would understand.

That was our afternoon excitement.

It is so cold here...60 something! I met Kath for breakfast and we had to sit inside today. Afterwards, I did a mini Costco run (milk, bread, and gatorade), came home and made a pot of baked potato soup for supper. Brian went over to a friends house afterschool, Alex is at practice and Matthew is somewhere in town, I assume, so the house is so quiet. Kinda nice!

Tonight we will be at the college for Michael Burkhardt's organ recital...we'll do a Starbucks run on the way. Not that I'll need it to stay awake, but that chapel on the hill is cold!


  1. He doesn't eat at school? My kids complain there's not enough time to eat at lunch. At least they can bring snacks, as long as it isn't junk food.

    Come make potato soup for my Matt. He loves the stuff.

  2. May I please have the recipe for baked potato soup? WHY have you never mentioned this to me? What is WRONG with you??? STAY FOCUSED!!!!


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