Tuesday, October 16, 2007

100th Post...a bit late!

Traditionally (if there really is "tradition" in blogging) bloggers create a list of 100 things for their one hundredth post. I wasn't going to do it, but I am feeling a bit 'conformist' today.
So here is my list of things I am thankful for:
  1. God.
  2. My husband, whom I don't deserve.
  3. Tea. Hot and strong.
  4. Bath bombs...can't take a bath without them.
  5. Vanilla. Anything vanilla.
  6. Matthew, for making me a mom.
  7. A hot, sudsy sink full of dishes. Yes, I actually like to wash dishes.
  8. TiVo. Was there life before it?
  9. The Fish. 95.9 FM
  10. Alex, for making me laugh.
  11. Mail on Fridays. People magazine is delivered on Fridays.
  12. Sunflowers.
  13. Lucca, Italy. Especially Piazza Napoleon.
  14. Automatic transmission. I never had one until a few years ago, and it makes driving, talking on the phone and drinking a Diet Coke at the same time so much easier.
  15. Brian, for reminding me to listen.
  16. Yellow walls. And the courage to paint them.
  17. Flip-flops. Girlie flip flops. 365 days a year, if possible.
  18. Dental floss. I'm a bit anal.
  19. Linguini Amatriciana.
  20. Animal Crossing on GameCube.
  21. Old friends who listen to you wallow and then tell you to shut up and move on with it.
  22. The beach, especially during the winter when it is chilly and overcast.
  23. Rain on a day when I can stay home.
  24. M's Christmas concerts.
  25. Candles, lots and lots of candles.
  26. Lotion. Pretty smelling lotion.
  27. Wood floors. And a good broom.
  28. Fresca.
  29. Mollie and Maggie, my kitties.
  30. Disneyland.
  31. While You were Sleeping, my favorite movie.
  32. Pumpkin muffins. Warm.
  33. My garden.
  34. Watching Alex play basketball.
  35. Memories of reading 'Ollie Forgot' and 'Zin, Zin Zin, A Violin!' over and over and over.
  36. Marc Cohn
  37. Boulder, Colorado.
  38. Champagne. The good stuff.
  39. A night in SF many, many years ago that I never wanted to end. And it hasn't...I married him.
  40. Morning coffee with friends.
  41. TP'ing. As in toilet papering houses. I never outgrew it.
  42. Text Messaging. Don't call me...just text. I always answer texts, but never answer the phone. Yes, I know it is annoying.
  43. Moving a lot. I wasn't thankful when I was younger, but it made me extremely adaptable.
  44. Staying put now.
  45. Listening to Matthew sing. He's a trumpet player, but has an incredible voice.
  46. Worshipping with all of us in a pew.
  47. Maui Jim sunglasses. A splurge.
  48. Girlfriends. You know who you are.
  49. Crisp Fall days.
  50. Family.
  51. Apple picking.
  52. Cooking. One of my only talents.
  53. Tablecloths bought at a flea market in France.
  54. Movie theatre popcorn, with butter please.
  55. Brian's nose. So, so kissable.
  56. Piano Man sung by Billy Joel. Sigh.
  57. Painted toe nails. I was going to put pedicures, but the only part I really like is the pretty polish at the end.
  58. Quiet, after chaos.
  59. Chaos, after quiet.
  60. Bonfires
  61. Sunset.
  62. Christmas morning breakfast, after the presents have been opened.
  63. The fact that M still holds my hand...all the time.
  64. Candy corn and peanuts. Together.
  65. Uncontrollable laughter. Unfortunately, it happens a bit too often with me. And not always at the right time.
  66. Costco.
  67. Lights with dimmers.
  68. Lemon curd.
  69. Harry Potter books.
  70. Swing dancing.
  71. The lake by my house.
  72. On-line bill paying.
  73. Late night, long dinners. With wine.
  74. Playing pool in a bar.
  75. The hand wash cycle on the washing machine.
  76. Ponytails.
  77. Chocolate chip cookie dough, without the chocolate chips.
  78. Wearing black. My staple.
  79. Nutella. And a spoon.
  80. My chiropractor.
  81. Gift cards. To give and to receive.
  82. Daisies.
  83. Throwing parties.
  84. NaNoWriMo. It's almost time.
  85. House projects.
  86. The smell of gasoline.
  87. Freshly washed sheets.
  88. My passport, which I carry in my purse with me at all times.
  89. The ability to function on very little sleep. It comes in handy as a mom.
  90. A carload full of boys. It's a good time to get the 4-1-1, the information.
  91. Being happy. I am blessed.
  92. A really super clean house. Someday, maybe.
  93. High tea at the Moana Surfrider on Waikiki Beach.
  94. My sisters-in-law.
  95. Playing Bocci.
  96. Summertime, when we are all home.
  97. White bistro dishes
  98. Snow. Not the shoveling part, just the looking at part.
  99. My boys, laughing and talking around the dinner table.
  100. My life.



  1. COOL POST. You sound like a person who loves life & plans to be around for a long, long time. Don't worry. Be happy. =)

  2. Also, Jane would be proud of the candy corn & peanuts; today would be her 82nd birthday.

  3. 101. And lastly my mom. Without my wonderful mom, I wouldn't be here "-)


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