Sunday, October 28, 2007

Paninis and Pretzels

All the boys headed to church in Long Beach this morning, and I was left home. Alone. It's getting old. I am tired of being left behind. I am tired of forgetting that I am not 100% and having to stop. I am tired of being taken care of. So, I am trying not to be grumpy with my family who are trying to help me...they are all being so great. I have watched too many movies and have read one too many Danielle Steel books. M got down all my craft stuff from the attic, so tomorrow? Tomorrow I paint!

We have been having the great Halloween party debate and I am pretty sure the annual bash is off. How sad is that? I do know it is for the best, but it is so, so much fun. We'll make the big decision tomorrow night.

After church it was panini time! M hit the Italian deli and we are fully stocked with great stuff!

Matthew is out with his girlfriend. Alex and Brian both played outside for awhile, but then it became very evident that we needed something to do.

Something that involved chocolate.


Look at them now, because they'll be gone by bedtime!

Well, I think I'm going to go for a walk...I think fresh air is just what the DR ordered!


  1. Wait!!!! Matthew has a girlfriend? You actually let him go out? Are you crazy?? Wait, you're related to me, yep, you're crazy.

  2. GIRLFRIEND???? You need to call me tomorrow. This is not okay that you have told me NOTHING. GIRLFRIEND? Hello?

  3. Nothings wrong with having a girlfriend or two, or three. Just keep YOUR sons AWAY from MY daughters! :-p


  4. But, Mike, I thought you wanted to get rid of your daughters??? You already got rid of one (ok,just for college), and the other talks a LOT. Just think how quiet it would be with no kids.


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