Monday, October 15, 2007

Pie Night

Sunday night at Marie Callendar's was Pie Night...a tradition started by my crazy fun neighbor Alba. We do two different is the large group with the whole neighborhood, and then there is the small group. Last night was just the five of us 'originals', which meant we didn't have to be on our best behavior.


Sheila, Dana, Ann, and Alba

We've done some fun stuff together over the years...marching in the parade comes to mind, as does karaoke.

It was a very, very fun night, but now we are back to real life.


Today is the 15th, which means today we are rich. For real. M is paid only once a month on the 15th. It looks like so much money in the account, especially if I catch the balance early in the day on the 15th.

Then the mortgage gets paid. And the property taxes. And the cable and electric and gas and oh, my favorite! The association dues. (not! thought I do love the gardeners...) And water. And my Target credit card bill. =0(

By noon on the 15th we aren't rich anymore and the reality that what is left has to last for 30 more days hits. But hey, it all works out in the end...if we are lucky. (just kidding!)

God always provides.

He's a really good boss, as Michael likes to say, and the retirement benefits are perfect.

The life of a church worker. =0)

So, on this cloudy, kind of sprinkle-y Monday, I have a lot to do. The boys are all home from school today and I am sure a few will sleep away the morning. Brian is already awake and eating a bagel with his daddy. My plan for today is to reacquaint myself with the washing machine. I've neglected her lately.

We never did make it back to Costco, so that may well happen today, too. The house needs a good scrubbing and the backyard? Well, it needs to be winterized..there are still pool toys shoved back there.

But for the next few minutes I will finish my tea while I sit here in the dark. I'm dreaming of Italy and pumpkin muffins and my garden. And trying to not think about the week that this is and praying for calm inside.

I do believe.

~Psalm 121~

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