Thursday, October 25, 2007

Inside, All Day

What to blog about today?

Day 4 of 12 of house arrest, though I did take one step into the backyard this morning. The air quality is's more smoky today than it has been.

I am hoping to walk to a neighbors house this evening...Alba is redoing her whole kitchen, and that is my kind of excitement!

Last night's supper, ala Ann, was so amazingly perfect. Comfort food to the hilt. Chicken and veggies...sooo yummy. I cannot even begin to talk about how awesome it is to have food being brought in, and I am so not the type to accept help. While I am feeling better each day, there is just no way I would be able to fix a meal right now and Michael...well, let's just talk about my husband for a minute.

He was 19.
I was 17.

He was in college and had his own car. (picture me swooning.)
I was a high school senior.

We met and seriously disliked each other.
And then we met again.

He was confident, secure, intelligent, a little selfish, and knew where he was going in life.
He loved God. A lot.

I was young, giggly, not so mature, kinda flaky and a tad bit wild.
I was 'into' God, but only if the timing was right.

He took me to concerts and museums and for long walks on the beach.
I talked him into cutting school, into dancing on tables in bars (more than once) and into a midnight kiss smack dab in the middle of the Golden Gate Bridge.

We just fit.


So Michael, who has been trying to run a department and run a house and care for a wife...he's been doing both his job and my job.
Without complaining, I might add. For him to be able to come home to food this week has removed such a burden from thank you. It's just nice to be able to see him sit at the end of the day for a few minutes.

The boys have taken over KP duty and it's been hilarious. Matthew fixed the dishwasher problem. Apparently, if everything is completely clean when it goes in, it will come out completely clean. Aha! Alex continues to drop things and make jokes about it and Brian?...he is so in love with these big brothers of his. Last night they plopped him on the counter with a towel and he just laughed and laughed while he dried dishes. Priceless.

So, for today's excitement. I have already watched 2 episodes of Jon and Kate plus 8 and last weeks Bionic Woman. I've showered. I rearranged the candles on the mantle. My girlfriend, Kristin, is coming by with lunch at 1:30. Oh, I started reading a trashy Danielle Steel novel that my neighbor brought over. Anything else?


Nothing else. Just thankful all is going well. Very, very thankful.


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