Thursday, October 11, 2007

Fall Break

Michael has today and tomorrow off, known at the college as St. Michael's weekend. When he was a new Prof, he couldn't believe that there was no break between August and November, so he fought for a 4 day weekend in October.

And won.

Faculty and students thank him, as does his wife.

So, the boys are in school and after my pre-op appointment, we did Meals on Wheels together. Came home to switch cars and TrixieLyn, our neighbors cat, had made herself comfy!

When Michael kindly asked her to move, she meowed and obliged.

We then headed to Nick's for lunch. Hector is back from Mexico and while his land is not purchased yet, he has it picked out. So, we helped contribute to his fund just a bit more. M had linguine with fresh clams, something not on the lunch menu, but Hector had them make it up special. I had my usual...tapenade. Tapenade, artichokes, fresh mozzarella and grilled bread...should've taken a picture! It is my staple and one I would sell my children for.

We then ordered a large pizza to go...for dinner.

After lunch, we stopped into Pier 1, my favorite "after Nick's" activity. The visit was cut short by a school phone call, and off to one of our 3 kids schools for a conference. An unscheduled, but "you need to come now" conference.

Apparently, we have a comedian in the family.

The day he goes to college, I will weep tears of joy. Not that he is gone from our home, but that WE made it through. Alive and in one piece. He is going to be the most amazing adult, and someday will give me beautiful grandchildren who will run him ragged. I will sit back and simply smile a knowing smile. Until then, I will continue to pray for him.



  1. But what if he doesn't leave for college and commutes? He might prefer to stay home......

  2. Who knows, he might watch the movie failure to launch and decide to stay home FOREVER!


  3. Do I remind Michele that I stayed home til I was 28!


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