Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Pants and Presents

Another day inside the 4 walls of my home. I would love to walk around outside, but the air quality is so poor that I am not. Between the wrath of Michael and my neighbors, I am staying put.

For now.

Speaking of neighbors, you should've seen last nights dinner. OH MY. I am pretty sure that my boys are now happy I had surgery and may just hope it happens again. I cannot believe that the 'queen of camera' didn't take a picture, but just imagine a huge platter with tri-tip, potatoes, carrots and green beans on it...ala Sheila. Then picture 4 males, all with forks in hand.

The picture of it will never leave my mind, that's for sure.

Brian came out from his shower and said, "I shrunk!"
Today I am wearing those. =0)
Last night, as I was watching either Dirty Dancing, The Wedding Planner, and/or Because I said So, Alex came and laid down next to me in bed. He is my one who worries, and aside from the tough outside, he is by far my most sensitive son. He brought me some Fresca and as we were laying there he started to talk about how scared he was that I was going to die.

Oh my.

My Alex.

So we talked about how life IS terminal. That each day we walk and talk and breathe on this earth is a gift, and that we need to treat each day like it is a present...so excited to open it and see what it is all about and what is going to happen. Sometimes, it turns out to be funny sweater someone knit us and it's not that thrilling, but hey!..it's still a present, right? And some days it is an x-box 360 and it's the best day ever. Not only that, but the very last day on this earth we get to open the very, very best gift yet...can you even imagine?

And then he was off to devour more meat and potatoes, and I just laid there and thought, WOW. Because of that moment, this was such an xbox 360 day.

Today a girlfriend came by and while she was here, I had a package delivered. Thanks Mom and Dad! MMmmmm...gonna have to hide this one! I have a date with that peanut brittle tonight, sometime between Sabrina and 13 Going on 30. Poor Michael...maybe I will share since he is watching every sappy movie we own!

As for the fires...while you keep hearing Irvine on the news, they are now close to 15 miles away in the canyons. M said he could see it from the University, but they were far away. The sky near here continues to have a yellowish hue to it and it is still smoky, hot (96 today!) and dry. Better than yesterday for us, but worse for everywhere else. It is so overwhelming...

I am thankful our old, tired AC is continuing to work...we've really needed her! We cannot open any windows yet, but maybe tomorrow.

Well, I am off to walk the halls. I am so afraid of upsetting my surgeon that I am, for the very 1st time in my life, listening. So, I will walk, then sit, then walk, then nap. All is well. =0)

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