Friday, December 14, 2007


It's Friday.

And if it's Friday, it must mean we have YET another concert to attend.

This is the very last, and I mean VERY last concert we will be attending in the year 2007.



It was a quiet morning. M ran out and got bagels, the house got a once over and then I dashed (Brian's word of the week...dashed) out and met Katharine for our 'it's payday and we're having a pedicure' pedicure. Her toes will be flying off to Hawaii for Christmas while mine will be freezing and I must say, I am a bit jealous. There is nothing like warm sand to bury pretty toes in.

Here, let me take a picture.

Like my snowflake? Sigh. I've really got to get a life.

We had lunch, too, because we weren't done talking. It had been 3 days since we had seen each other and had so much to catch up on.



It's a relatively quiet weekend. I am about to leave to drive Alex and his crew to practice...they are currently raiding the pantry. While we are at the concert, he will go to the dance. Tomorrow there is not one thing...let me repeat...NOT ONE THING written on the calendar. Oops, Matthew has drum corps, but for the 1st time ever, he will drive himself. Sunday is more drum corps, church and a basketball game somewhere close to home.

Most importantly, after his meeting ends at 5pm, my husband will be on break until January.

It's vacation time!

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