Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Day Off

It's the Tuesday of finals week and it's tradition for Michael to take the day off.

Not wanting to break tradition, he did just that.


I did have to sneak out for a PTA breakfast, but left him with a pot of coffee and a small pannetone bread pudding...the big one came with me.


I was home soon and we went to see Dan In Real Life. Cute. Actually, it was very cute. We were the only ones in the theatre and talked throughout the whole thing.

I like that.

We did a little window shopping and made it home in time for Brian. He's currently out in the neighborhood, Matthew popped in for money (of course!) and has a gig tonight, and Alex had 5X5 basketball and then Taco Tuesday with his friends.

The house is quiet and I made it through some of the 28 messages in my inbox. Other than that, the house is truly a disaster. The front rooms are clean, but the back ones? Oh my. I am still hoping the magic cleaning elves come during the night.

I'm also hoping they'll tackle the 8 ft high pile of laundry, too.

I am finally feeling better and so are Alex and Brian. I think one more good nights sleep will help. Tomorrow I am going to work in my very, very neglected garden and try and winterize it. I just ordered some seeds...spring peas, green beans, and carrots. Can you tell I am cold? In the meantime, I will put in some rosemary and lavender to get me through these next few months before I plant again. I am down to my last 4 quarts of roasted tomatoes...in fact, I think I'll turn one into soup for supper tonight. Mmmm!

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