Thursday, December 13, 2007

O Christmas Tree

Better late than never!
It all began when the place where we always get our tree from closed it's garden center. Add in a bazillion concerts and parties and we almost didn't get a tree this year.

But then I thought twice.

Actually, Brian was the one who asked if we were ever going to get a tree. Great, we've scarred him for life. Add it to your list, my son...the list of things to discuss in detail with your therapist when you get older. I can hear it now, "my parents never had a Christmas tree"...

It used to be a big family event. In Colorado we would cut our tree down, usually in a huge snowstorm and pretend like we were all having a great time. It then became a 'boy' outing...all the boys in the house would go get the tree while the girl stayed home and made hot chocolate. And read magazines. And did her toes. And savored the quiet.

Brilliant on my part, I must say.

The last few years have been too hard to get us all together, so I've ended up going and getting the tree and sticking it in a bucket of water until everyone gets home.

It works well, but this year I kinda sorta kept putting it off. Until today.

OK, when you wait until 11 days before Christmas, the pickings are a bit slim. Here she is before the 'unveiling'.

(One year we undid our tree and hundreds of lady bugs came crawling out!)

The cats, checking it out.

My new best friend!

It's tradition to eat Torrone...I wait all year long for Torrone!

While daddy did the lights, Brian serenaded us with Mary Had A Little Lamb. Over and over and over.

Alex made the hot chocolate.

Matthew and Jen drank the hot chocolate.
It's the middle child's job to put the angel on the top. Always, no matter what.
Isn't she purty? We always get a Noble Fir, but this year went for something different. And bigger.
My very favorite ornaments, from Billy and Holly when we were 1st married.
And to all a good night!


  1. ok I Have NO recollection of giving you that ornament, and not only is Michele spelled wrong, it looks like the other side says MICHEAL. wassup with THAT!?? And ALSO didja notice the tree skirt on OUR tree??

  2. Tell Brian to get the neck of the violin up!

    Kate had her holiday concert on Friday, I swear they spent 15 minutes singing the 12 days of christmas! BAAA HUMBUG!!!!!!!

  3. Is that all the ornies you have???? We now have 2 trees, and have plenty to decorate both. Time for you to get crafty and make some more!


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