Saturday, December 15, 2007


Let's start with supper.

My husband cooked all meals today and I am more in love with him than ever before.


My very favorite...Dog House Pasta. It's actually linguine with chicken, roasted garlic, prosciutto and pasilla chilies, but I had told him years ago that if we were ever in a fight and he wanted to say he was it with this pasta dish.

So Dog House Pasta was born.

That, with a bottle of wine, and I am one relaxed and happy gal.

And no, we weren't in a fight, but he just made it because he likes me.


I slept in this morning until 8:30am. Heaven. I awoke to boys making omelets in the kitchen...always a good thing. Lunch, after a major Trader Joe's run, were paninis...for us and Brian's friends.

I did run out to Old Navy this afternoon. Brian's wardrobe has been lacking, so I did a little shopping for him. Because I have a Banana Republic credit card, which is the same as Gap and Old Navy, I had an additional 25% off for today only. Gotta love credit. Not really, but reality bites sometimes.

Alex worked all day today at the 2nd grade basketball clinics and is now with his coach and team at the movies. Brian was in the neighborhood for most of the day and having a ball. Matthew drove himself to drum corps and will be home around 9:30pm. He drove himself and I cannot wait for him to walk in the front's far away!

And now? That guy I love kicked me out of the kitchen and when he is done, we will watch The Santa Clause 2. With cookies. Gotta love cookies.


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  1. You just have not yet found out what it is Mike has done; I hear however that it has to do with moving the family to northern Minnesota for a new teaching position!


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