Friday, December 28, 2007

Field Trip

I had trouble keeping track of my boys on this trip. Brian went and stayed at Aunt Leslie's house, Matthew stayed with Grandma and Grandpa...just ask him and he'll tell you he's the favorite Grandchild (which every one of them believes, which is pretty cool) and Alex stayed at the hotel with us. We had a suite and the hotel had a gym, which Alex used every morning and every night...and he kept talking about loving being an only child.


M and I did manage to sneak away for a little adventure on our own. Los Gatos is charming and a place where we used to spend time when we were dating. We were even engaged in a park in Los Gatos. A long time ago. Way back when.

So we like it.

It's small and charming, with lots of small and charming houses.
And we all know how much I like small and charming.


Very cute Main Street.

Cute little house.

Very cute restaurant.

Very cute sign outside a very cute shop.

Sensing a theme, here?

The true reason we came? very favorite. Check them out online. Lots and lots of Italian stuff that fit my small and charming house perfectly.

Yes, they're expensive...but they have lots of not so expensive stuff, too. Did I mention that most of it is Italian?


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