Friday, December 14, 2007

The Matthew Show

Tonight was our final concert of the season...the honors showcase at Matthew's school. Fabulous. He chose to sing rather than play tonight...surprise, surprise!
He seems to do it all...he sings. He plays trumpet. He conducts. He dances.
Does he study?
Not sure about that one.

Matthew and Garrett

After, we went to Ruby's and bought a round of shakes.

And fries, but I couldn't get a picture of those...they were eaten before I could get my camera out.

And then, in order to escape the cold, we walked through Barnes and Noble on the way to our car. Brian talked his dad into a new book (how do you say 'no' to books???) and the two of them got cozy on the couch.

Alex is on his way home from the dance and I just put Brian to bed. My tea is hot and yet another sappy Christmas movie is waiting!

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  1. The High School’s accompanist, after seeing Kate in the Choir room at least 4 times a day during this past semester asked her if she takes any real classes! Those musicians, they may not have any marketable talents but they are happy and busy!

    Joke from Kate – What do you do when a musician comes to your door? You take the pizza box from him and give him the money!

    How many sopranos does it take to sing a high C? Seven, one to hit the note and six more to stand around saying, “I can do better than that!”


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