Monday, December 31, 2007

New Years Eve

It's 4:00pm and I am still in my jammies.

I love days like this!

Brian has been out in the neighborhood...he got a Snoopy Snow Cone machine for Christmas and has set up shop. Want one?

Alex is playing basketball and Matthew has been sleeping until just a little bit ago.

M is on the couch and as hard as he tried not to be, he is now sick. Poor guy. He's pretty much out for the count juggling napping and football.

The kitties have joined him.

Maggie and Mollie For lunch I pulled out all the stops...Fluffernutters! So gross I had to take a picture and then I ate it anyway. With a Diet Coke, of course. Gotta cut calories somewhere.
The annual New Years party is tonight at my neighbors. Younger kids are here with Guitar Hero, older kids are at another neighbors. At 10:00pm, they'll all gather at the other house for a movie before midnight.

Matthew will have Jenn here, too. We don't want him driving, so he'll pick her up and then they'll be in.

I am very excited except for my poor husband, so he'll go to the beginning of the party and probably head home. He'll stay as long as he can hold out and is hoping for a repeat of last year...I did Karaoke for so long that I had no voice for a week.

I think he's trying to tell me something.

Anyway, we are unpacked, the house is as clean as it is going to be...which isn't very clean at all, and the laundry is being laundered. Every time M dozes off I switch it to HGTV and am getting lots of good ideas.

Sleep away, honey!



  1. I love peanut butter and fluff sandwiches, too! Come over to my house and make some.

  2. I love the red and blue quilt the cat is on. I just purchased an old, primitive, tattered quilt at an antique store. It's already cut into several hearts for Valentines Day crafts to list on ebay.

    Matt thinks Alex needs a haircut.


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