Sunday, December 16, 2007


I'm not just talking about basketball, either.

Welcome to the house of foul moods.


We were running a bit late for church, so M was in a foul mood.

Alex woke up on the wrong side of the bed...OK, the wrong side of the world, and was doing that thing I love the most. Mumbling. Under his breath. I'm a mumbler, too, so I know where he gets it from, but nothing drives me crazier faster than mumbling.

About me.
Under your breath.

So I was in a foul mood.

Matthew, who went to bed somewhat likable, did not wake up that way. And chose to take it out on those who love him most. His dad especially loved how he chucked the Altoids at his brother in the car.

Add the fact that Alex 'forgot' to brush his hair AND was doing his Confirmation homework in the car. On the way to Confirmation.

M was now in an even lovelier mood.

Brian, for all that it was worth, was singing and laughing back in the 3rd row.

Poor thing. Trapped in the car with a bunch of grumpy people.

Church ended a bit late, which meant we were late getting Alex to his game. Not the game really, but his warm-ups. By about 3 minutes, but that was 3 minutes too long according to the son that hates to be late.

Hmmm...have I mentioned that we all had low blood sugar and were starving? All except Alex, who ate 3 PowerBars and chose not to share even a bite with the Altoid throwing brother and/or the happy go lucky little guy in the back row.

Ah, the joys of siblings.

The game was amazing and they lost by 2. Alex played well, probably because he did not share the Power Bars.

OH, and he did foul out at the end of the 4th.


After the game, we stopped in at Lampost Pizza and shared a large pizza.

Food helps.


Matthew is at a gig tonight...the last one for his caroling group. Alex and Brian are both working on homework and M is watching the game. I ran to Target and just walked the aisles...and ended up spending money along the way.

In a little bit, we're going to eat a turkey dinner. Perfect cure for a bunch of grumpy people.



  1. I'm glad my children don't fight and don't get grumpy! Of course being girls it might be that they are always fighting and being grumpy and I just no longer notice it.

  2. Gee, Xerxes, maybe you didn't notice, but one of your girls is away at college! Or, maybe you didn't notice....


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