Monday, December 17, 2007


It's vacation time!

This morning we quite literally shoved each and every grumpy child out the door with smiles on our faces.

They were thrilled.


We ran bunches of errands. My car had to go back into the shop, so after dropping it off we went to the District.

And Peet's.

Where, I must say, they have the most amazing gingerbread. Can you see my smile?

With new energy, we did a little more Christmas shopping. I had done the bulk of it before my surgery, but left some for us to do together. I cannot say where we were exactly because sometimes my children peek at this blog.

But we got some good stuff.

We'll finish up tomorrow morning and then...let the wrapping begin!

First, we had to have lunch.

With Pat.

Now Pat is my husbands beloved accompanist. She is one of those truly gifted musicians and is loved by all...I personally love that she keeps M on his toes! She is retiring at the end of this school year and if you want to see my husband cry, just mention it to him.

Over dinner a few months ago, the talk to turned to Creme Brulee. And my love for it. She told us of a place where they served the BEST creme brulee...and so we were off.

The Pheasant Pleasant.
The Pleasant Pheasant.
The Resonant Peasant.

None of the was The Pleasant Peasant. Say that one 10 times fast!

The man in the above photo was not with us, but offered to have his picture taken anyway. What a hoot!

He also mentioned that he was a Christian Scientist and that with every flash, a little piece of him disappeared. Bahahahaha!

French bistro food...I had Meatloaf Wellington.
Lunch tomorrow is tucked in my fridge!

Happy Pat.

Creme Brulee. Three spoons.

And yes, it was the BESTEST creme brulee ever.


(Thanks, Pat! Lunch was fabulous! Safe travels!)

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