Monday, September 1, 2008

Early Celebration

Brian's birthday is one of those days that almost always falls on either the 1st day of school or while Michael is away on choir this year we are celebrating early.

No big party this year, even though the littlest shrub is entering the double digits.  We decided on a family trip and he chose go-karting...the grown-up version.  He barely made the cut-off height wise, but we put him in thick soled shoes and spiked his hair...and still had to throw in the 'it's his birthday'.  Which probably wasn't safe, but it worked.

It's a HUGE warehouse with tons of long tracks to race on.
My boys, applying for their licenses.
Helmets on, ready to go...and no, I didn't go.  Too scary...those karts go up to 40 miles an hour.  Matthew met us there (there's no way I'm missing that!) and told us if his music plans fall thru, he's going to become a race car driver.

I am pretty sure we are not related to the NASCAR family that shares our name, but you never know!


Brian had a ball...and got a new t-shirt, too.
Came home and continued the task of putting the house back together, plus I have a Bible study I need to prepare for and a big board meeting in LA that I am supposed to present at next week.

Not sure what I am going to present, so if you have any ideas, send them my way, but make sure they are good ideas first.


Working hard, I fell asleep on the couch and woke up at cocktail hour.  Man, I love cocktail hour.

Figs, prosciutto and a little asiago cheese.  Oh my.  
This says it all...hope we're hungry for dinner.
My racing boys...zoom, zoom, zoom!


  1. Now James wants to go go-karting. He would never meet a height requirement, though. He didn't meet some height requirements at Six Flags this summer. I think he's the shortest in his class - again.

  2. Can you send Mike over to my house with drinks and a snack plate?

  3. Gee, xerxes, maybe M should send a young female college student to deliver the drink and snack plate!


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