Sunday, August 31, 2008

All Is Well

This morning, the four of us woke up and had a rather leisurely morning and then drove up to church.

Found gas for a steal after...down here, Costco had it for $3.89.  Ouch.

Good thing, because my car got a whopping 12.8 miles to the gallon.


We stopped in at our new favorite dive.  Gotta love a HUGE pastrami sandwich...HUGE.
Dropped the younger boys off at home so M and I could tackle Costco.  I always love a guy who not only loads my car with all the heavy stuff but who also PAYS for it all first.


Came home to the prodigal son.  In his honor, we killed the fatted calf...or at least threw one on the grill.  Gotta feed him well while I get the chance.  
He didn't come alone...he brought his laundry.

Which I happily washed, dried and folded...and will whenever he comes home.  Maybe.


Brothers will be brothers will be brothers.  Oh my.

The Buffs played their season opener today (it's college football season, people!), so boys were draped everywhere watching the game.

But we were all together today.  All together.

Fed him, cut his hair, spoiled him and sent him on his way...with food.  

I am one happy mama.



  1. See, Matthew will come home. Glad to see he brought his laundry! Did he ask for money?


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