Thursday, August 14, 2008

Summer Days

Brian, taking a picture with Mollie.


Cousin Nate arrived yesterday and he and Brian have been inseparable.  We went to Chik Fil-a for lunch and then the pool, where they jumped from the high dive for close to 2 hours, until the rain clouds chased us home.

Other than that, they have been skateboarding and razoring and running and climbing non-stop.

I love cousins.  


Matthew has a bunch of friends over watching the Olympics and they are all in the family room on their laptops.  He found out all about his new roommate and is excited that he is bring his xbox 360 with him from New York.

  Alex has spent today drifting in and out, in and out.  Summer is starting to wind down and he is taking advantage of life before homework and practices and games and training sessions.

The weather today has changed drastically...sunny and warm this morning followed by cloudy, gray skies...and even a few sprinkles.  Michele weather.


Supper tonight will be burgers on the grill and all those bags of half eaten chips that need to go, plus a big salad.  I'm also going to make a chocolate cream reason except that it sounds good and it's one of my boys very favorite thing.

I finished reading a book and stack of magazines at the of the best parts about summer.  I need to pack up some more things to read..tomorrow I will be taking a carload of boys to Knott's Soak City, where my darling, darling husband, who will be at work,  rented me a cabana for the day, complete with it's own patio and a waiter.  

It's as close to a vacation as I am going to get this summer, so I plan on getting there when they open and staying until they close, ordering multiple iced teas in between floats along the lazy river.  



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  1. "I love cousins"

    Aren't you sweet? It's so nice to be loved!


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