Friday, August 22, 2008

Baby Steps

I didn't realize until earlier today that we only get 18 summers.


It often comes up that we have 18 years, but let's face it...years seem much longer than summers.  Summertime flies by.

I ran to Target this morning for some last minute dorm stuff and it hit me.  Like a brick wall.  It's time for him to go.

 He is ready.  I've done my job.

In the middle of Target I started to cry.  The kind of cry that you cannot stop even if you wanted to...the kind of cry I am thankful happened today and not tomorrow.

I've done my job.

And he is so ready.

As I was crying in the middle of the school supplies, my girlfriend called and told me she just felt the need to call.  I couldn't even talk and she was so perfect...she didn't tell me that everything would be ok or that he would be fine or that we will still see him or that moving to college is not that big of a deal.

She just listened.   She didn't offer advice or flippant comments.  She just listened and cried with me and I needed that today.

I've done my job.  All 18 summers' worth.  And he is ready.



  1. He'll be back. Then he'll ask for money! He could be home for a long time - I stayed home til I was 28!

  2. Yeah, back to mooch after college?

  3. All I can say is wow. There will be more than one Busch on campus this year. Thinking of all of each of you!

  4. We have a mid morning talk show in chicago that opens its phone lines around this time of year so women like you can call up and cry over the phone about their baby going away to the enjoyment of all the other listeners.

    In our case Elizabeth so needed to go away...


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