Monday, August 11, 2008

Monday Morning

Back to black and white, just for the weekend.  

And back to wearing #5.
This morning's pick.  My garden this year is glorious, except for my Roma patch which is suffering from end-rot...and I didn't catch it in time.

Oh well.  Can't have it all.
Sheila, leaving for a wonderful week away.  She called and asked if she could bring over a gallon of milk and THEN threw in the 'will you please babysit my half dead spider web covered plant?'.

I'm telling you...the things we do for friends.

M is at work and is exhausted.  The cats have gotten used to us not having a bedroom window or screen (helloooooo burglers!) and have been coming and going as they please.  Which worked out well until M replaced the screen and now every morning at 5 am, the cats try and get out.  This morning, Maggie got her head stuck in our blinds and it wasn't exactly a quiet rustling that woke us up.  Again.

 I now have a very tired and totally fed up husband.  I told him that the cats and I go together and the look he gave me wasn't the kind of look that says he's keeping us around.

Uh oh.

Good thing I know he likes me.


1 comment:

  1. So many cats, so few recipes.....

    Were you on the highway grabbing the money that fell out of a briefcase? I wonder how much they guy on the motorcycle lost? Maybe it could pay for a dinner out.


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