Saturday, August 30, 2008


After a long day of auditions and call backs, M came home with Josh and Alison for supper.

And a whole lotta wine.

They're newlyweds and very, very sweet.


Went thru a whole lotta glasses, too.
M and Mollie...I would describe their relationship as lukewarm.  If that.  I think he's telling her that the only reason she has a home is because of me...and she's saying 'yeah, right.'
Alex and Dre...they may go to different schools, but they'll meet up on the basketball court.
Hung a few pictures, did a load of wash, loaded the dishwasher.

That's about it.

The boys each have friends over and M is working on his computer.  Supper tonight will either be something on the grill (if I feel up to running to Costco) or some sort of pasta.  Oh, and cookies.  We have new neighbors and I have already made cookies twice for them, but somehow they never made it from our door to theirs.

Third time is a charm.


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