Tuesday, August 12, 2008


A houseful once again.

Matthew is home and working through the 'I've been on my own all summer and loving it and now I have to live back here with all you crazy people but can I have $20.00?' thing that he goes through at the end of every drum corps tour.

He has yet to unpack and I am hoping I am out of the house when he finally does...that whole wet mildew-y towel thing on top of already smelly clothes kinda grosses me out.  He'll need that suitcase a week from Friday, so I am sure it will be done before then.

No pressure.

Alex has a friend over and they are playing a completely inappropriate video game...the kind I swore my children would never be allowed to play.  Mother of the year.  

Brian is with Jack and Harrison at the lagoon until about 3:00pm.  M has offered to cook his famous pasta tonight, though Alex's training session just got moved to 6:30pm...which means we need to leave by 6:10 and won't be back until 8.

So, we'll eat early and settle in to watch the Olympics.  Go Michael Phelps!



  1. Actually just have him bring the whole mess to college and unpack / wash it there!

  2. Hey, can M come and make dinner over here - I'm sick of cooking.

    I"ll be watching M Phelps, too. The men's gymnastics got a little late last night, so didn't see the end and went to bed around 11:15. Hope the women finish a bit earlier in the evening.


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