Thursday, August 7, 2008

Late Night

It's late, but I can't sleep.  M and I have been working all evening, getting ready for the new carpet that is being installed early tomorrow.

In all the bedrooms.

I am sure I will smile about it tomorrow night, or maybe the day after, but for now I am tired.

And a tad bit cranky.

So, today we went to the theater to 'see' Matthew.  No cameras allowed.

Big, Loud and Live 5.  It was big.  It was live.  It wasn't very loud though...which was actually a bummer.
Goooooo PC!
Too much fun. 
I did what I do best....I balled.  

A lot.


They perform again tomorrow night in semi-finals, and we'll watch it live online.

My kleenex is ready.

Came home to our charming little house and threw together some tomatoes and cucumbers from the garden.  Mmmm...
Tomorrow will be crazy.  Brian has camp at the's science day, so they are going to be making volcanoes out of coke and mentos.  Totally cool if you are 9.  Or 79.


Alex was asked to play in a tournament this weekend, so they have a practice tomorrow afternoon.  I will hang out here with the carpet and tile guys.  All.  Day.  Long.

And yes, once they leave, the remodel will officially be over.

For reals, this time.



  1. I like the fact that you took a picture of the screen when it told you to turn off your camera!

    You always were one for following directions.

  2. Setting a fine example for your kids (not following directions). Now, will her son follow directions once he's out of the house and in college.....?


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