Friday, September 12, 2008

Sneak Away

This morning, Mollie brought me a present.
A wee little and very dead bird.  Oh dear.  At least it wasn't a live mouse...or a bunny wabbit.  It's always something...yesterday it was a paint brush, which I prefer to the still moving or once was moving things.
Also this morning, with no prompting from me...which is VERY unusual, M told me he was done teaching at 10:20am and wanted to escape his office.



I rearranged my stuff and we were off to the happiest place on earth.
We had been told over and over and over and OVER that the new Toy Story ride was the best thing ever.

Mr Potato head was adorable.

The 4-D glasses were silly.

And the ride was truly, without a doubt, the best thing ever!  Sadly, I lost...but not by much!
We walked the park and ate at our favorite lunch place where I had my favorite salad and then we walked some more and went on Soarin' cuz it's one of my favorites.



OH...and a raspberry white chocolate chip cookie.  Life is good.
Stopped at TJ's on our way home and are now in for the night, unless we bundle up and go see the high school football game.  Supper is from the freezer...french onion soup and italian beef sandwiches, which seems perfect for this weather.

If we don't go to the game, I'm putting my jammies on and watching The Bonnie Hunt shows that I've taped this her and love her new show.  Oh, and we taped Mr Smith Goes to Washington...staying in tonight is sounding better and better.  



  1. Gee, rough life - going to Disneyland for lunch. When can I come?

  2. Bundle up? In So Cal?

    Yeah Right!

  3. Pic of M and M on a Friday with 4-D glasses...priceless.


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