Tuesday, September 23, 2008

A Day Away

Yesterday morning I hopped in my car, hopped out at Peet's to buy a pound of coffee for that guy that I like so much who had to drink decaf because we had run out of regular - GASP!, plus an iced black unsweetened, please, tea for me, hopped back in my car and hit the road.

My destination was some address on my GPS, which turned out to be a train station, where I picked up my sister-in-law.

I drove, she directed (while reciting Shakespeare), and off to Santa Monica we went for a few hours of girlie aloneness.  Parked, settled in at the pier, and walked arm and arm on the beach talking and catching up on all things important, at least to us, then shared a lunch with the only person on this planet who likes greek salad more than me.


The day sped by and soon I was home doing what I do best. 

Mondays are M's longer than long days, so the boys and I settled into our still as of yet blind-less, drape-less house and finished homework...school work for them, bible study for me.

After bible study this morning, I was going to run in to the grocery store for a few things and ended up coming out with a cart full of food an hour later, but we are pretty well stocked now and that feels good.

OH...and Hershey's chips, all flavors, were on sale for $1.00 a bag.

So I bought a few.

I finished book 2 of the Twilight series and now I need book 3.  The library is back ordered and it is only out in hard cover, so I am trying to find someone...anyone...who has it.  My only complaint is that I wanted more Edward in the story...and that is all I am going to say.
The rest of my day is going to be spent around here.  It's a warm one...high 80's, so I am thinking we might do the pool after school.  Supper is a toss up...either meatloaf and homemade mac n cheese or grandma's meatballs with noodles.

Unless, and this a BIG unless,  M is able to decipher the text I sent him:

Hey Nicks I mean M hope all Nicks is going ok Nicks miss you Nicks see you tonight Nicks love you Nicks Shell.



  1. Henry's mom gave me her copy of Twilight today. She has book two AND three. I noticed book 3 was hard cover. You are gonna have to cave. Sorry.

  2. Should I just tell you what happens in book 3 so you don't have to wait? Bella and Edward @*^&%$+#@$#$&^*&*(oops! computer problem! You'll just have to read it yourself...tee hee!)

    If you buy book 3 like I ended up doing for Kate, the book cover comes with a glossy dust jacket that opens up into a mini-poster on the back side...very important if you are a teenage girl. It also had a preview of the first chapter of book 4 before book 4 was released...also very important back then.

    Kate has reread them numerous times (like the Harry Potter books), and now she is whining that her personal copy of Twilight is being passed around her friends and has a waiting list, so she won't be able to reread it again until they're done. I didn't remind her that she had a friend's autographed copy of book 3 for at least a couple of months before she reluctantly gave it back.

    Oh...and the other teenage comment is that people are starting to wear Twilight movie T-shirts, but they aren't real Twilight fans because everyone already knows the movie won't begin to compare to the book.

    Speaking of which, she thinks we are actually going to let her go to the midnight premier on Thursday night when she has school the next day. Ha ha.

    Enough Twilight discussion for you?


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