Monday, September 15, 2008

Beginning of the Week

Yesterday was a pretty full day, including a long drive to Riverside to be a part of our friend's installation as Pastor of a new church.

The service itself was pretty cool, but even better was a chance to catch up with all our faculty friends and their families.  It's time for a party...sooner rather than later.

Drove home, just the two of us...God gave us a beautiful sunset along the way.

Lots to talk about, plus our favorite band (coming soon on tour...can't wait!  anyone wanna go with us to see them?), so lots of singing, too.
OH, and a desperation stop...McD's.  That guy that I like so much cannot stand McD's (or most fast food, for that matter) but we were in need of caffeine.  Large order of caffeine, please.

And I LOOOVE the color of my new skirt!
This morning I was home waiting for the window people to come...they never showed but finally called, but it ended up being a good thing.  I finished my bible study plus caught up on laundry, and then ran out to meet my girlies for an improptu lunch.

I love those.

We may be neighbors, but sometimes you just need an afternoon out...we were laughing so hard that we got a few stares.  Crazy ladies.
Four women and a strawberry flan.  Yep.  
As for tonight, it's that time of year again.  That time of year where M conducts his chorale on Monday nights, so supper is a quick 'here I am, feed me, I gotta run' kind of affair.  I made spaghetti carbonara for M and the boys...I am still full from lunch.  Thankfully.  Me no likey carbonara.

Brian is out riding his new bike...our neighborhood is even more full of kids running around, thanks to a new family that moved in.  Fun, fun, fun.  Alex has open gym from 7 - 9pm and then I am hoping to start a new book....Twilight.  Can't wait to read what it is all about...might have to sleep with garlic and a salt shaker by my bed.  



  1. OOOO...We love Twilight here! The teenage girls around here (including Kate) are obsessed with the book. There are actually four books in the series now, and the movie based on the first book will be out in November. There is a lot of crossover between the Harry Potter fans and Twilight fans. Of course, the author has single-handedly ruined these teenage girls for real boys with her "perfect" vampire...and you won't need garlic or a salt shaker. You'll have to let me know what you think! It's a quick but enjoyable read.

  2. Note: There is a lot of crossover bethween the teenage female Harry Potter fans and the Twilight fans.

    Oh Edward, bite me and suck all my blood!

  3. Never heard of the band, but looked them up on iTunes. Not my style - sounds too much like Bill Joel!

    It says that one of the songs is a duet with Mindy Smith, whom I am familiar with, and have a few songs from (i.e. One Moment More, Out Loud, It's Amazing, etc). But the sound sample didn't include her part.


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