Monday, September 29, 2008

Mac Attack

Yesterday afternoon I attended a recital by a Spanish clarinetist and try as I might, all I could think about was cocktail hour.

So shoot me.


During the remodel I found all sorts of treasures stored this cute little serving set.  Even cuter with prosciutto on it.
Ahhh...and a little prosecco.  Or a lot.  Depends on who you ask.
A guy, a book, and a pretty patio.
Supper last night...sausage, peppers and onions.
Maggie kept diving under the bookcase.  Not sure what she was after, but I am sure that I don't want to know.
This morning was a late start for Alex...10:15am; while we were at home the sky started rumbling and the rain drops began to fall.  
I had an appointment so I dropped them at school, but first...amid snickers from the boys, I strapped my baby in the backseat.  We were going to school...them to high school and my Mac and I to the genius bar at the mall!
First stop was a quick coffee and pedicure with Katharine.  Much needed.
Next stop, the Mac store, where M had signed me up for one on one tutoring.  I didn't want it but he was tired of listening to me ummmm....voice my opinions about my new computer, so off I went.

OK...I am even more in love with Apple than I was before.  Joe grabbed my computer and Joe hooked me up and Joe walked me through my long list of complaints and Joe was positive and Joe was fun and Joe is my new best friend.

An hour after I walked in I was a believer in all things MAC.  So there.


Strapped my computer back into my car but didn't leave...instead I had lunch with Kath at Pacific Whey and then hit Crate and Barrel for a gift I needed to buy.


I am now home and looking at a disgustingly dirty house...wonder if the Apple store offers housecleaning too.


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