Saturday, September 27, 2008

Date Night

Yesterday afternoon I kept smelling something funny, which in my house is nothing unusual...but this was different.  This morning we discovered (after all the windows in the house fogged up and the air felt like a locker room) that my dryer thingy-ma-call-it had come disconnected from the wall.

The smallest shrub to the rescue!  And yes, now everyone can see that I did not paint behind my washer and the walls that I did paint are daffodil yellow.

In my defense, I did it 13 years ago and just have no desire to repaint the ugly walls.

Anyway, while dad made omelets, Brian fixed my dryer.

He's a keeper.


Speaking of Brian....afterschool I got a call from a mom saying that Brian was inviting tons of kids over and was that ok?

Yep...I'm kinda used to it.
While they were here I hid on my computer until this evil message came up...on our NEW computer.  I have no clue what it means, but figure M will...and I have a feeling he won't be smiling.  Something about the big red exclamation point on a computer that makes grown men weep.

The ice cream man (drug dealer) came down the street and this is what Brian bought.

OK...I loved these when I was little.  LOVED them, but come was different back then.  Wasn't it?
Earlier this week, M asked me if I wanted to go to dinner and a movie on Friday night.

A date.

A real live, grown-up date.

Ummmm....let me check my calendar and get back to you.  YES!  

Ordered pizza for the boys, hopped into a convertible and drove off with my boyfriend.  We saw Nights in Rodanthe (I liked it) and at 7:30pm walked into PF Changs, where the wait was an hour.

EXCEPT, we had a reservation and had a table waiting.  I mean, we were on a date after all!


I discovered a new martini...a lucky cat martini, and after becoming best friends with our server, she got us the recipe.

Yum, yum.

Gotta go buy some Smirnoff vanilla.  Today.
So they bring the bill and fortune cookies (and by the way...we tried something new on the recommendation of our new best friend/server.  Lemongrass prawns with garlic noodles.  Oh my.) and this is what M's fortune said:
I am not sure it was supposed to be read before leaving a tip.


Brian just had a soccer game and scored a goal (M was with him and got to see!) and Alex had a basketball game and was on fire.  FIRE.  He is now at a birthday party and has his 1st high school dance tonight...Brian is outside with the neighbor kids.  I am working my way through Mt Laundry and other than that, we are home for the day.  It's warm and I want to squeeze one more late dinner in on the patio before having to turn on the heat lamp...I am thinking we'll just have pasta and gravy.

OH, and I finished book 3 of the Twilight there a book 4?  I sure hope so...



  1. The "thingy" is called a vent or exhaust.

    A heat lamp on the patio? How "cold" is it? Gee, we got to about 80 today - not bad for end of September in IL.


  2. Yes there is a book four, not that I being a self respecting male will ever read it!

  3. Of course there is a book 4! It is called Breaking Dawn, and it wraps the series up for you. So get reading!

  4. I remember not only bubblegum cigarettes, but candy cigarettes. They were sort of a powdery crunchy candy with a white stick and pink tip, and if you blew on them a little puff of powder went off the cigarette tip. I used to get them trick or treating. And YES, things have changed! For example, as a teacher I have had to tell kids that they can't play cobs and robbers at school because they can't pretend to shoot each other even in play.

    Best school story of this week to show how things have changed: A preschooler informed a teacher that his mother was going for Botox that morning. The teacher asked him if he knew what Botox was, and he said no, but his mom was getting some. She picked him up in big black sunglasses!

    Best school story of last week: A kindergarten boy was in the principal's office, and he put his hand down his pants and said, "Excuse me, I need to adjust my p_____ (fill in the blank with body part)." Does a 5-year-old really have anything to adjust? Of course, this is the same boy who dropped his pants during lunch and said, "Excuse me, ma'am, I'd like to show you my new blue underwear." At least he was a polite flasher! And he's coming my way next year!

    Oops! Sorry! This is not my blog, but I couldn't resist sharing. I can't create a blog of my school stories or I could get fired for breaching confidentiality and all that.


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