Monday, September 22, 2008

Monday after Sunday

Yesterday morning we had a lazy morning, complete with dad made omelets, because we had yet another afternoon ordination/installation service to attend.

This time...Uncle Seth, who is now the assisstant Pastor at our church.


The best part?  Cousins!
Even better?  MORE cousins!  Alex is like a magnet.
Sweet Maddie.
Brian and cute!
Brian flying Sophie.
It was quite the celebration...after we grabbed a rather quick dinner and came home in time to get ready for school today, which seemed to come awfully early this morning.

I was up late last night...felt moved to finish my bible study, which is good because I am off to see the wizard today!

OK, so not the wizard, but my sister-in-law.  We're spending the day playing and I can't soon as traffic calms down, I am out the door.

And in case you didn't is the 1st OFFICIAL day of Fall.

Makes for a happy girl!


1 comment:

  1. Glad to hear the best part is COUSINS! After all, am I not your absolute all time favorite cousin?


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