Thursday, September 18, 2008


Early yesterday, the gardeners dumped a large load of mulch in front of our house.

I tried to explain to them that they were putting it in front of the wrong house...that I have a houseful of boys, but they weren't worried.  I kept saying that it wouldn't be a mountain in the morning and that it would be spread all over the street.

So they put up cones to contain it.

Like that'll help.

After school, Brian came down the street with all the other neighborhood kids and they were pretty sure it was Christmas morning.

Come on... a HUGE mountain of dirt!

I told them that no, they couldn't play on it and for 10 minutes they all just sat and stared at it.  Finally, I caved and within a few minutes it was dirty chaos for hours and hours.  Bikes and buckets and shovels and throwing (which I stopped, thankyouverymuch) and rolling.
None of them smelled so good afterwards, but that is why God gave us showers, right?
Supper last night...a pot of gravy and pasta.  Good thing...Alex had friends over after practice and they were HUNGRY.

I like that.

I got a call after dinner from a friend, so I headed over to her house for a glass of wine and stayed till midnight.  It was so peaceful and quiet...I could've stayed all night.

This morning is rather quiet, except for the gardeners who are working hard spreading mulch...the boys will be so disappointed that it is gone.  I have Meals on Wheels, but no Josephine today..she's going to the DR, the window people coming at 2:oo, soccer at 4:00, pick up Alex at 4:30, Brian at 5:30 and back to school night at 6:00.

Somewhere in there we'll eat supper...I'm going to make a pot of risotto with asparagus and leftover roast chicken (my family's version of chicken and rice) that can be eaten as we come and go.

I also have a large bowl of lemons that I am hoping to turn into a lemon cake at some point...we'll see if I can fit it in, plus a bunch of overripe bananas that need to be baked into something.  I keep forgetting that Matthew isn't here to eat them...does this get any easier?  I really miss him!

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  1. The police didn't pay you a visit with that being on the street?


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