Friday, May 2, 2008

Today... a very good day.


It began a tad rocky, but that's ok.

Son #1 awoke and immediately started to slam doors and pound on doors and spread his good cheer. Turns out he was NOT late, but he just wanted a good parking spot at school.


Son #2 held his ground in the bathroom, much to the dismay of son #1. He emerged in a cheerful and pleasant mood (for real) and actually sat and chatted while he ate his nutritious breakfast of cookie crisp cereal and waffles with syrup. And OJ.

Son #3 is back to not sleeping and my hopes for him to sleep consistently thru the night during his 9th (yes, 9th) year of life are being dashed. Ah well, there is always hope for the 10th year. He was his normal chipper self until the moment when he was going to step out the door after selectively choosing to not hear me remind him to brush his teeth. So much drama in such a little body.

M is out back sweeping up after yet another party in our backyard. Oh my. He is wanting to take me out tonight and is trying his hardest to be understanding about my plea for a night home. If all goes well, the bookfair (which I will be working ALL day) will be torn down and cleaned up by 4:30pm. I will, if all goes well, be home and in my jammies by 5pm. We have had something EVERYNIGHT for the last 2 weeks and I want to stay HOME, but alas, it is my birthday and I had to put my foot down. Ruths Chris? Nope. Maggiano's? Nope. Nick's? Nope. Nada. Nein.

I want a hot bath followed by chinese food in my jammies on my couch in front of a movie. Bliss. Throw in a little limoncello and maybe, just maybe some bread pudding and I will, quite simply, cry tears of joy.



  1. This reminds me that it is nice to have only one child with an attitude at home! With any luck neither will be home for most of the summer.

    Lets all wish our little Michele a happy 26th Birthday! Well in HER mind she is still 26.

  2. Hmm...M wants to take you to dinner, huh? It wouldn't be because someone is 27 again, would it?!

    Ha...funny as I read the prior comment. 26, 27..I must have heard wrong in the past, 26 it is! :D

  3. Cookie Crisp cereal? James would like that. He's into Cinnamon Toast Crunch, and could eat that for 3 meals a day.


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