Saturday, May 17, 2008


Well, SoCal is in a heat wave...and guess what?

Our AC is working!!!


My poor husband will be coming home to a beautifully dead backyard, and yes, I have watered.

I just don't get it...I can grow children, I can grow vegetables...but I cannot keep the backyard alive for 2 weeks.

Oh well.

Yesterday afternoon in between dropping boys off at basketball and then driving them to the dance, Brian and I went to the car wash.
Where he took some pictures.


We'll be back again...I had 3 free washes and they expire next week, so Matthew's car is going in, too.

Pretty purple trees on the way home!

My newest addiction...Scrabble online.

Sick and wrong, but I will quit when M gets home from Europe.

Last night, Brian and I watched a movie...and had a little intermission. I scooped ice cream and he provided the entertainment. Bet you wish you were here!

(sorry for the dark somehow darkens when I upload it to blogger. I am sure there is a way to fix it, but I can't figure it out!)

Brian is out playing already and has a busy day...he is going to see our neighbor perform in School House Rock, so he'll be gone most of the afternoon. Alex just got a call about practice all the way across town, so we'll go to that. It's his new team and we have yet to work out any kind of carpool, so it'll be lots of driving for awhile, which I don't mind. After his practice, we need to run to buy new court shoes for him...will someone please tell the kid to stop growing! His size 12's are too small after only 2 months.

As for the rest of today...we'll be in the pool! Alex is still hoping for Souplantation and we never made it the other night, so tonight is probably the night. At least they have vegetables!


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