Saturday, May 3, 2008


...was a very great day.


I am, for the next 2 weeks, only a 1 year younger than my husband....then he'll surge ahead of me again. Whew.

The daytime was crazy busy with the now ended, until October, school book fair. Do not ask me if I am chairing it again next year for at least a few weeks and then I'll give you an answer.

Following tear down and pack up and put away and clean up, I did the usual basketball driving with that kid I like so #5. Came home and got Brian off to a neighbors birthday party, saw Matthew for all of 5 minutes before he and Jenn went out, and then...and THEN....I put my jammies on.

In the quiet of the backyard, we ate chinese food in throwaway containers, thankyouverymuch, and drank champagne.


And now it is Saturday...and are you ready for the best part?

There is nothing, absolutely NOTHING on my schedule today.


Alex slept at Kyle's and aside from coming home to change his contacts, I'm thinking they'll be shooting hoops for most of the day. Matthew drove to drum corps with his resignation form in hand, though he texted and said they were giving him a hard time about leaving, so we'll see what ends up happening. M is drinking coffee and eating bread pudding in the backyard...where I'll soon be, and Brian is playing the mostest bestest funnest game for the wii ever. EVER.

MarioKart. For wii.

Oh my.

So, my Saturday plans are to play wii, pull weeds, play wii, make a pot roast with dried porcinis and a bottle of red wine in it, and play wii.

Can't beat that, now can you?


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