Thursday, May 8, 2008


Last night we went to a party.

A retirement party at the college for Pat. My husband made it through without weeping and a great time was had by all. It was so fun to catch up with former students...and their children!

I took one whole picture the whole entire evening...and here it is!

Hard to believe, but I was too busy talking to take pictures. Best of all I got to see my long lost sister-in-law, who lives like 15 miles from me, for the 1st time in a long, long time.

My sister-in-law wasn't always my sister-in-law. She once was the girl who came with the house we bought.

Kind of like a built in dishwasher; we had a built in nanny.

We decided we liked her and it was time to marry her into the family, but the pickings were slim. There was only one unmarried male in the family, M's younger brother, so rather than auction her off to the highest bidder, we just arranged everything for them and told them to marry.

And produce offspring.


OK, it didn't go THAT smoothly, but God knew we had to keep her around and our house was too tiny for her to live with us forever.

And the offspring, by the way, are GORGEOUS.


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  1. Wow...I love this blog. As someone who knows the "rest of the story" to the joanna story...this is a fun version to read.


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