Saturday, May 10, 2008

A Disney Day

Yesterday, Brian ditched school (shhhh!) and he and I met up with Holly, Emily, Ryan, and Billy at Disneyland.

And this is what we spent our time doing....taking pictures of each other taking pictures. Crazy!

Ryan...who FINALLY rode the haunted mansion with me. We've been waiting to do it for like forever!

Emily and I got to shop...the joys of girls! The best part about Disneyland is their amazing caramel apples....mmmm!
Emily and Brian are SUPER SILLY!!!

We had a blast hanging out...we're going to try and hook up on Sunday night if we can squeeze it in! M was jealous that he couldn't be there!

We only stayed until 3pm...Brian had a birthday party last night, Alex had practice and then a group of his friends came over to watch the Laker game, Matthew had a performance, M was at back to back graduations and then we had a party here.


Today is errand day...gotta get these boys ready for their trip, plus I need to put my house back together after last night. My eyeballs are soooo sleepy, but the sun is I am going to have a little espresso doppio to help me make it through the day. We are going to see Matthew's musical tonight and I am seriously hoping it is loud and action filled.


Supper tonight will be american food...burgers on the grill. I've got a few wanting cookies, so I am going to make some this afternoon, though I haven't decided what kind yet. M is out back watering, Alex is playing basketball, Matthew is at the movies and Brian is outside with his friends. It's a beautiful spring day...perfect for lounging by the pool with a book, but alas...I need to get some things done. Let's hope that caffeine kicks in soon!

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