Tuesday, May 6, 2008


Last night's supper with Jimmy...

...became last night's supper with Jimmy AND Pat!

Today, M took the day off and after a somewhat lazy morning, we headed out and ran a bazillion errands. Bazillion.

And you all know how much I love to shop.


He did take me to lunch at Wahoo's, cuz sometimes when you're running a bazillion errands, you just need to stop for a fish taco.

Or in my case, a Wahoo bowl...which was served not in a bowl, but on a plate.

All together now...YUM!

Home just in time to have all 3 of my boys walk in within 5 minutes of each other.

MarioKart is pretty popular.


Supper tonight is a toss up between grandma's rice krispie chicken, oven fried chicken or balsamic chicken. I'm still deciding and have a little over an hour before I have to make up my mind. Requests are being accepted.

It is cold and grey outside, so I am going to make dessert, too....something that will make the house smell good. My neighbor dropped off some magazines, so I am going to take a hot bath and catch up on some reading!


  1. Rice Krispie chicken? I do Corn Flake crumb chicken, but haven't heard of Rice Krispies. But then, again, I grew up in a house where salt and pepper are considered exotic spices.

  2. It's probably the same recipe, but with crushed up rice krispies. =0)


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