Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday Fun

Cherries. Gotta love them. They are the perfect 'eat while you're watching a movie' kind of snack...problem is they are horribly expensive around here, all the time.

Oh well.

Sometimes you just need a bowl of cherries anyway.
Last night's supper...on the road. Dropped Alex at his training session, ran to the store, then to chik-fil-a (no pickles for Brian, thankyouverymuch...and a large diet lemonade for mom...yum!) and back to pick up the blond sweaty boy.
Home...and yet another batch of cookies. It's that new cookbook I bought...Martha Stewart's cookies that is to blame. This time...milk chocolate cookies.

Oh my.

OK...we found the mostest funnest game and I bought it for the boys. It's turned out to be a smashing great time...swingball.
Doesn't look like much...and it all fits in that little base part when you are not playing it. Which I like...small house, remember?

It's kind of like tetherball neighbor and I actually played and it is FUN! Brian and Alex were out there until 10pm school today!


This morning was so great...we just hung out. It is freezing, freezing cold...57 degrees and sprinkly, so at 10:30am we headed to the movies and saw Indiana Jones.

Loved it!

Love him! That Harrison Ford...oh my!!


Brian is dodging raindrops outside with friends, as is Alex...though he is shooting hoops up at the school. M called and we talked for an hour...boy, do I miss him. And Matthew.

They leave Krakow tomorrow and fly home via Berlin, so not much longer.

In the meantime, I'm passing time playing scrabble. Supper tonight is a frittata with ham, asparagus and cheese...with melon on the side. And cookies.


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