Tuesday, April 29, 2008


It is truly amazing what a good nights sleep can do.

I am thankful.


Today involved working at the book fair, a trip to Target, working at the bookfair, a large shop at Costco, a stop at home to unload, work at the book fair, and home with a parade of 9 and 10 year old boys.

They are currently playing wii and are as happy as can be.

Which is pretty happy.

Alex is at this moment eating a ham sandwich and when he is finished, we will hop in the car and drive to his training session in Newport Beach, dropping happy 9 and 10 year old boys off at their homes along the way.

Brian and I will then hit some sort of fast food, ugh, before having to pick Alex up an hour later. M and Matthew are a few towns over...M is conducting the OC honor choir and Matthew is not only singing, he is playing in the OC honor orchestra, too.

And I am missing it, but a friend is video taping it for me, so I'll be able to listen later.

Tomorrow night is a huge high school party here. It is truly amazing to me that we live in the smallest house of everyone, yet everything happens here. Why is that? Not that I am complaining...I like it!

My house is a mess. Costco stuff is all over the kitchen table. Laundry is piled and waiting patiently for its turn. The boys bath is...well...it's a boys bath. M called from his car and while talking, I mentioned that now would be a good time for Jesus to come. A messy house won't matter then.

Well, the sandwich eater has finished...time to load up the troops!



  1. I'm thinking that when Alex goes to college the savings in the food budget will more than pay for his college.

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