Saturday, April 19, 2008

Quiet Day

I should be posting some great pictures that I've taken, but I haven't taken any yet.

Maybe tomorrow.

M had a long was the 1st full rehearsal with orchestra and choir for next weekend's Bach. He came home, ate lunch, and has been in the same spot on the couch working on the program notes all afternoon.

He's not smiling too much.

Matthew is still on choir tour up north and according to his grandparents, is happy and warm.


The rest of us had an incredibly lazy, wonderful morning. Alex has been out playing basketball, popping in every so often for food. Brian has been outside with the neighborhood kids...they've been roller blading, jumping on the trampoline, and are now playing baseball. He is filthy and happy.

I've had my nose in a really good, really creepy mystery. The laundry is doing it's thing and I am now listening to the sounds of the cocktail shaker...gotta run and take a picture!

So, here I sit...blogging. This new camera is very complicated for has tons and tons of settings. I am sure there is an 'easy' button, but I am still looking for it!Can't figure out which setting to use...sigh.
So, here I sit with my apple-tini. Supper is a beef brisket with potatoes and carrots and rosemary...a new recipe that I am hoping tastes as good as it smells.

Back to my book!


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  1. I'll send over Matt. He'll figure it out!


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