Saturday, April 26, 2008


I've actually blogged alot this week, but haven't posted much. I had a few blogs that I wrote, only to have them lost somewhere out in cyber space...and others that I've written and just saved.

It's been that kind of week.

We did go to the incoming freshman orientation at the high school and it was the most fun evening. Everywhere we turned, there were old friends...M and I spent alot of time laughing and talking. Alex has played on so many sports teams that we've been blessed to meet lots of different for us, it was like old home week.

The other highlight was watching Matthew perform in 4 different groups and seeing the change that happens in those high school years. Alex and his group couldn't wait to get away from us...Matthew and his group couldn't wait to talk to us!

Yesterday I spent most of the day at Brian's school...1st up was Jump for Heart.

The whole school gathers and jumps rope to earn money for the American Heart Association.'s book fair time! Again! We set up in record time and beginning Monday, I will be at the school almost all day, everyday!

Last night was date night...for me and Brian. Poor thing...Matthew went out with friends, Alex had practice and then a dance, and daddy had a rehearsal...and Bri was feeling so left out. So, in between dance drop-off and pick-up, he took me to dinner. His choice? Chili's!Then, we stopped by and watched M's rehearsal. I've always taken the boys to the dress rehearsal when they were younger so they could see how it is all put together. Brian shot a little video...loving this new camera! Unfortunately, it'll work even better with a Mac...or is that a sign of things to come?


And today? Well, my poor, over worked guy has a high school honor choir rehearsal this morning. Matthew has drum corps from 9-9 in a faraway place and has my car. I have his car, minus the key, which is causing a few shuffles in our daily schedule. Brian is going to Nico's for the day as soon as M comes home with his car. And his key. I'll drive him out and then head to the insta-party store...Trader Joe's! Alex is here, but will be up at the school practicing on and off...tomorrow his team is scrimmaging the high school JV team. I am going to garden, garden, garden...and then get everything ready for tonight. First, the concert...followed by a lively cocktail party here.

Is my house clean? Nope, but it will be. Candles and dimmed lights are such a blessing!



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