Wednesday, April 16, 2008

It's a Date! garden. The sun was shining, the sky was blue, the dirt was warm and U2 was on my iPod...can you get much better that?

I weeded and dug and picked and.....sweat.


cauliflower and broccoli

lots and lots of shallots

I decided to run a few errands before cleaning up and then IT happened. IT was a text that seemed to type itself into my phone.


A few seconds later, this is what I saw:


And up he drove! Sometimes you just have to make your work-a-holic husband, who is up to his eyeballs in overworkedness, leave campus and all it's stressfulness for just a little bit. And eat lunch. Even if you are a tad bit smelly and sweaty and covered with dirt from working in the garden and he looks mighty fine and smells even better.

And eat risotto...cuz life is always, ALWAYS a bit brighter after eating a bowl of risotto. ALWAYS. Especially if it has asparagus, zucchini and spinach in it!

Then, to truly make him smile, offer to pay when the server brings your check.


He's back at work now and won't be home till late...yet another recital is tonight.

As for the rest of us, I am thinking we are all here. I do know that there is no basketball tonight, which means that my car is now parked for the rest of the evening. It needs to cost $74.80 to fill her up this morning...and that'll last me a week. If I am lucky.

I am SO ready for a golf cart....but I am NOT ready to give up my carload of boys. So I'll be patient.

Anyway, supper tonight is roasted chicken that my neighbor brought over (along with stuffed grape leaves...oh my!), along with some broccoli from the garden. And some type of pasta...I think there is a little container in the freezer of pesto, which'll make for a mighty green plate of food. Oh well!



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  2. $74 to fill up the car? How much is gas per gallon by you?

  3. It's $3.81/gallon in my town...yikes! I can drive a little ways and find it about $.10 cheaper/gal, but I didn't have that luxury yesterday. Oh...and that was at Costco, where it is already cheaper! =0(

  4. I just filled up today at $3.49 at Sams Club - it's more at Thorton's, something like $3.55. I wonder what prices will be when prices peak around Memorial Day?


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