Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Back to School

Tea anyone?

Yesterday morning, all boys of all ages went back to school.
Only one was somewhat happy about it...can you guess which one?


I would have loved to have enjoyed the quietness of the house, but I, too, hit the ground running and am just now slowing down.

In the last two days, I've worked at Brian's school, had a hyperemesis training session (like going through it 3 times isn't enough training...sigh), drove to basketball practice, met with the financial aid office at Matthew's college, been to Costco, Target, Old Navy, and Barnes and Noble, fed a few students last night who needed to talk, and today sat for hours with the accountant who is doing the taxes for the non-profit I no longer own. OH...and a PTA meeting, too.


Squished in there was a really great 'quick' iced tea with a girlfriend and a phone call from another whom I hadn't talked to in months. Life is good.

Thankfully, my week is now relatively free. I haven't spent much time in my garden, so that along with some REAL cooking is high on my list of things 'to do'...plus a little laundry and a little sweeping and a little picking up!

I have a husband out there somewhere...has anyone seen him? Not only is Bach quickly approaching next weekend, but he's also doing a huge city honor choir thingy and attending tons of student recitals. Praise God for text messaging!

So, tonight, M and Matthew have an honor choir rehearsal across town at 6pm. Alex has a training session at 6:30pm and Brian'll be with me. I've already made a pot of minestrone and everyone can eat when they get a chance...along with a loaf of french bread. I'm needing the smell of brownies...nothing like the smell of brownies and it is the Biggest Loser finale tonight. Gotta have snacks during the Biggest Loser finale, right?


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  1. Financial aid office? They should give free tuition to families. :)


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